Our retreat, was not accidentally named Anagenessis (the greek word for Renaissance), it was created with a great deal of emotion and love.

The architecture of «Anagenessis Village» is based on old Zakynthian traditions and culture. The main building is the mansion where the Count and Countess spent their summer holidays. The streets (alleys) and the front of the smaller buildings are replicas of buildings, that you will find when you take a walk in the old city of Zakynthos with their Venetian arches and columns.

The view to the mountains, to the sea and the garden from the balcony or the terrace of the apartments from «Anagenessis Village» will reward you for choosing us to trust your summer vacations.

We gave a great deal of attention to the equipment of our rooms, so that we can ensure you a peaceful and relaxing stay.


After leaving your car at the parking provided we will welcome you at the reception that will give you a flavor of Ionian architecture  with  handmade furniture, antiques, but above all with the warmth of the Zakynthian hospitality … here we’ve just touched your soul!


Continuing your tour through the hotel, the paved path will lead you in front of the Center for Holistic Therapy. In the Holistic Therapy Center you will be given the opportunity to live the experience of revitalization of body and soul, accompanied with the feeling of harmony. . .


Our aim is to feel at home so we attended with great care and responsibility in addition to all others for your safety. Also we tried to assure easy access in all rooms for friends with moving problems.