Costantinos Kakolyris, the owner of Anagenessis Village Hotel, is appointed coordinator of the Action Plan – Covid19. Responsible for the customer reception department is Rebecca Kakolyris. Anastasia Kapatou is responsible for the restaurant suppies and Akrivi Seremeti for the bar and service.  Head of the cleaning department is Irine Miraka and as for the swimming pools, the playground and the gardens responsible is Erjon Miraka.
The above department heads have received the necessary training according to the relevant protocols of Covid19 and they have signed the relevant statements.

According to the health protocol, the Action Plan of Covid19 includes the following parameters:

There are  an accommodation file and a incident book, which are updated daily by the heads of every department.

In common areas there are antiseptics available, protections masks and gloves.

The hotel staff comes in contact with costumers only with all the necessary  protection.

The rooms, during departure, are carefully cleaned, ventilated and disinfected according to the government statute.

The common areas are cleaned diligently and disinfected on a regular basis.

The receipt of goods is done using a protective mask, gloves and antiseptic. The process of thermometer production of products is always observed (HACCP).

Breakfast and dinner are served a la carte and not from a buffet. The costumer has the right to chose breakfast or dinner from a specific menu.

In the pool area every two sunbeds will be two meters away from the other. The maximum number of bathers in the pool is 19 and  the amount of the chlorine and ph will be checked every 4 hours. The results will be recorded in the relevant book (Pool Area).

The distance that must exist between the costumers is 1,5 meters, excluding families and people traveling together.

Check in is done after 15:00 and check out at 10:00. The key cars are always sterilized, after the departure.

The bed linen and the towels are washed at 70 degrees.

Suspected case of Covid-19 Management

In case someone feels unwell and shows symptoms similar to those of Covid-19, he should immediately inform the person in charge of the suspected case, Akrivi Seremeti. She will call the doctor who cooperate with the hotel and he will evaluate the incident. In case the patient need immediate hospitalization he will be transferred to the nearest health center. If the clinical picture is mild, the doctor will perform a laboratory test. Throughout the above procedures, this person is prohibited from circulating in common areas.

In case that the incident is judged as a possible case, the hotel manager should come in contact with ΕΟΔΥ, the Greek organization of public health (210-5212054 or 1135) and receive the relevant instructions. The patient with a mild clinical picture should remain in his room until the results of the examination is announced, During its isolation, it is forbidden to come into contact with other, except for critical issues and always with the use of a protective mask and gloves. If there is an escort must comply with the security measures. A phone number in case of an emergency is important.

In case  a case is confirmed as Covid-19 case, the patient is transferred to a quarantine hotel and received the necessary care. However, the patient suffers from  something else is obligated to wear his protective mask. The masks and the gloves should be placed in a trash after use. The use of antiseptic is necessary.